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1981 Township of Middletown Plan:
1993 Township of Middletown Master Plan:
A further account of New Jersey : in an abstract of letters lately writ from thence, by several inhabitants there resident, printed in the year 1676: by  Richard Hartshorne
A new town in Middletown--Locust: by William Miller
A Port Monmouth UFO Landing Report
Beacon Hill Country Club
From Indian Trail to Electric Rail: Thomas Henry Leonard
Historical Map Landmarks Commision: Township of Middletown New Jersey
Index to Middletown Township Censuses 1850, 1860, 1870
Iron Kettles, Home Brew, and Epitaphs: A History of Lincroft by  Marion Toop
Middletown Historic Houses - Joseph Murray Farmhouse -Poricy Park
Middletown Mayors and Township Committee Members
Navesink Historic District Township of Middletown: Middletown Landmarks Commission
Navesink Library: A History: Navesink Library Association
New Monmouth Historic District Township of Middletown - Middletown Landmarks Commission
Red Bank Graphic 1870-1970: T.J McMahon
The Story of Middletown: Ernest W. Mandeville
Stout Lady- The Life and Times of Penelope Stout: William Foster Hayes